What single story do you hold of who am

What single moment created this paradigm

Really, when you look at me

Are your eyes so blind you fail to truly see

I have a history you know

I have lived many years

What do I have to show

To conquer your unfounded fears

Tell me the single story that you hold of me

Tell me so that I can try to see how you could see

In me something, someone to be feared

In me something, someone considered less than

A being unincluded in the master plan

I have a…

We Cannot Breathe

Nature has done almost nothing to prepare men and women to be either slaves or slaveholders. Nothing but rigid training, long persisted in, can perfect the character of the one or the other. One cannot easily forget to love freedom; and it is as hard to cease to respect that natural love in our fellow creatures. –Frederick Douglass from My Bondage and My Freedom

Hatred for another human being is not something that we are born with, it is something we are born into. We are conditioned by our families and society to feel anything other than the need of…

Make sure you are on top of your finances, before you tie the knot.

So, you have met the person of your dreams and have decided to tie the knot. Cloud nine is where you are sitting right now and everything is beautiful with visions of tulle, china, and wedding cake filling your every waking, as well as dreaming moment. Chances are you have set a budget for your wedding and honeymoon, but how much thought have you given to after the nuptials and honeymoon? Unfortunately, many new brides and grooms-to-be do not give much thought to how they will handle finances once their lives together begin. There are many considerations that should be…

Unclaimed baggage can block your way to cultural competence.

After a four day visit to D.C. in which I was both participant and presenter at a two-day diversity and inclusion conference, I was standing in front of the rotating carousel at the Atlanta airport waiting for my baggage to come around. I watched the various bags in a multitude of styles, sizes, and condition work their way around to their owners who reached with timid hands and questioning faces as if unsure if the respective bags truly belonged to them. I could not help but connect this experience with the conference in which there had been a conversation about…

I have taught American Literature nearly my entire teaching career… Now, American literature is moving toward becoming just another genre-based literature class that “teaches to the test.”

I have always maintained that as long as there are literature teachers, true history will be taught, for truth is even in great works of fiction such as To Kill A Mockingbird. There were countless times I was asked by my Cobb County School District principals to not teach this American classic, an absolute must to develop the heart and mind of our young people and raise their racial consciousness.

Jacqueline Burnett-Brown, PhD

Psychology Professor, Family Therapist, Diversity, Equity, & Justice Educator, Podcaster. Force. To. Be. Reckoned. With.

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